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The Fan

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The Ready Brothers - Variable speed Fan

The Ready Brothers are concerned about the environment too. We are constantly searching for ways to help protect the planet and help our fans save on escalating energy costs. After years of research in the Ready Brothers labs we have arrived at a solution to both problems.
-Friendly to the Environment.
-Can save the average family of 4 over $1000 per yr on A/C.
-Keeps our Ready Brother Fans cool, calm and collected.

May also be used as a Sun visor, Rain Cap, Bib, Fly Swatter, Cheese Slicer, Dinner Plate, Ping Pong Paddle or as a Fan.

Batteries Not Included

Jr. Washboard


Each "Jr. Washboard" is hand picked from a big ol pile of vintage boards. They are selected for straightness of wood grain and waviness of the metal grain. After fitting each Bell, Cup and Block to the frame they are allowed to settle in and breathe.

Masterboard Washboard


The "Masterboard" is considered the Holy Grail of washboards. Each one is hand tuned for Tone and Bark by the President of The Ready Brothers Washboard company.

Accept no substitutes.

"In The Heartland"

CD 1 for Web Small.jpg

Released in early 2009. The CD includes 8 songs with 3 original numbers and a Bonus interview with our longtime friend and inspiration Ben Streeter.

$10 plus postage.

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